Wireless Door Bell

Type I:Regular Wireless Doorbell
    1. 2.4GHz launch frequency,Aporox300 meters barrier free remote control distance, robust anti-interference.
    2. Easy installation, no cable wiring required.
    3. Total digital wireless, no interferences, no privacy leak.
    4. Wireless Unlock.
    5. 7’ LCD monitor display,0.3Mega pixel camera.
    6. Support up to 32GB SD card.
    7. Motion detection Automatic video recording.
    8. Rain shield for the outdoor camera.
    9. 3 Meters night vision range.
    10. Surveillance, hands-free call and talk.

Type II: Remote Control Type Wireless Doorbell
    1. Under Request, Please!
    2. Remote Control features un-touched position for anti-thief functions.