Other Accessories

From patterned traffic cones and LED anti-collision drums to reflective helmet covers, we have road, traffic, and personal safety accessories to suit your needs.
- Anti-Collision Drum
- Tarpaulin Base
- Reflective Sheet
- Choose Color/Pattern
- LEDs Added At Your Option



BPH-08L (Large)
BPH-08S (Small)
- Brake Pedestal
- Keeps Car/Truck In Place During Repairs
- Keeps Vehicle Stationary On Slope
-Cord Protector
-Tubing Protects Wires During Roadwork
LRA Series
-LED Reflective Armband
-Mesh Armband
-Velcro Closure
-Reflective Glass Beaded Material
-Reflective PVC Tape
-5 High Luminance LEDs
-Choose Colors
Rubber Walking Pad
Add Text Of Your Choice
60 x 360cm (23.6” x 141.7”)

- Baton (LED Indicator)
- Rechargeable Flashing Baton Plus Alarm (Whistle)
- 6 or 4 High Luminance Red LEDs
- 56 x 3cm (22” x 1.2”)



RHC Series
- Reflective Helmet Cover
- Mesh Material
- Reflective PVC Tape
- Choose Colors

RTH Series
- Rubber Traffic Cone
- Various Sizes, Colors, Patterns, Solids
- Reflective PVC Material
- Glistening or Non-Glistening Available
- LEDs Added At Your Option

WPH-07S (Square)
WPH-07R (Round)
- Weight Pad
- Holds Base Of Traffic Cone To Road Surfac



- Baton (LED Indicator)
- Rechargeable Flashing Baton Plus Alarm (Whistle)
- 30 High Luminance Red LEDs
- 51 x 4cm (20” x 1.6”)